Jason M. Perez, President 

Mr. Perez founded NitrogenX in 2016 with a vision to eliminate the use of synthetic pesticides in our environment.  With 20 years of landscaping experience, Jason draws upon a significant agronomic knowledge base when maintaining your property.  

Mr. Perez enjoys hiking, fishing and beach days with his Wife and Family. 

Nick Perez

Organic  Landcare Professional

NYS Cetified Pesticide Technician

Hi, my name is Nick Perez, COO of NitrogenX. I’ve been a landcare professional for 15 years. I take great pride in my work and I’m passionate about helping my clients achieve beautiful organic lawns because it matters to me personally. In 2013 I contracted Lyme’s Disease. It was not detected until it had invaded my nerves and paralyzed the left side of my face. This changed the course of my life. I went from a healthy 20 something man to a very sick individual whose body was struggling just to function properly. With the help of my lovely wife I found the answer after years of trial and error and hours upon hours of research. Go organic! I am finally cured of my Lyme through my commitment to an organic lifestyle. All of our food, personal care and household products are organic, natural and as unprocessed as possible and we extend that high-quality standard to our property. Minimizing exposure to toxins is an integral part of maintaining health and it all starts with the very ground we walk on. With a young son and two dogs, our yard is an extension of our household in addition to being a part of a larger ecosystem. Sadly, for the sake of convenience, too many chemicals have been polluting our soil and damaging our health. I see and feel the difference organic living has made in my life every day. I’d love to help you go organic too. Let’s work together to create your yard the way nature intended it to be, organic!

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